Introduction: Gionni

Gionni Ponce, in ghanaOne of the many tasks I had to complete to prepare for this trip was to write an introduction to send to Airfield School and Bishop Forson. Ellen wanted the teachers and headmasters to know a little bit about us and to see a picture of our faces. In order to introduce myself, briefly, to the readers of the Pagus blog, I’ve posted my introduction letter here.

My name is Gionni Ponce. I am studying literature, Spanish, and fine arts at the University of Pennsylvania. I love all things artsy and appreciate good books, plays, and music. One day, I hope to be a young adult fiction novelist.

Other than reading, my other love is travelling. This probably stems from my nomadic, dual lifestyle. My mom lives in Michigan and my dad lives in Arizona. For this reason, I have never spent more than nine months in one place since I was five. My home is where my heart is, and my heart doesn’t sit very still. I’ve been to many major American cities as well as Rome, Paris, London, Koln, Honolulu, San Juan, Buenos Aires, and Santiago. I like to travel to learn about other people, food, and lifestyles. I can’t wait to visit Africa for the first time and look forward to all the wonderful things people say about Ghana and its friendly people.

I have a very large, intricate family spread all over the United States. I’m the oldest child in both of my families and, for that reason, I’ve always liked working with kids. I’ve taught or volunteered in many classrooms and libraries across the country. I can’t work to get to know everyone with whom Pagus works!

I really look forward to writing for everyone out there reading. It’s exciting to imagine who could be reading—people learning about Pagus for the first time, people who donate to Pagus, people who volunteered in the past, and people who will volunteer in the future! After all, it was only a few weeks ago that I was reading Josh and Tracy’s blog posts! 

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