Raising the Flag

Volunteer, Gionni Ponce, posts from Airfield School in Ghana

Maxwell preparing the new Ghana flag at Airfield School

Yesterday, some of the students started a project to raise a flagpole in front of the school. One of the students, Maxwell, is a trained carpenter. Because of this, he’s much older than his classmates but has returned to school to continue his education. He frequently helps out with school maintenance and the flag became one of his pet projects.

Maxwell worked with two other boys to cut a large piece of bamboo to the proper height. Then, he cut string to the proper length, strung up the flag, and attached it to some nails that he put in the bamboo. Finally, today he was able to raise it up into the hole he dug in front of the school. The small boys were very excited to help him fill in the hole with mud and gravel. Now the Ghanaian flag waves proudly over the school. I am not surprised that of all the projects the school could take on, raising a flag would be one of the most quickly executed. Ghanaians seem to take a lot of pride in their country. Every morning, they sing the national anthem and say the pledge of allegiance.

I’d like to figure out a way to try to build this same kind of pride into Airfield School

pride. Say, the Pagus representative teacher at Airfield School, suggested I design a flag for the school using our crest. I think it would be a really great project to take on with the kids. Perhaps we could hold a contest to let one the students design it. I’ll have to ask Ellen to see what she thinks.

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