Counseling and Teacher Development


    • Work with staff to improve classroom management. The volunteer will develop and conduct teacher workshops to address this and other areas where teachers request assistance.
    • Spend time observing in the classroom
    • Coach/mentor teachers on how to implement techniques learned in workshop(s).
    • Identify and work with those children or groups of children who are presenting behavior or social problems. You will be assisted by someone who speaks the local language.
    • Work with students to give them effective tools to manage common problems and complaints.
    • Submit weekly reports via email on work accomplished, overall experience, and observations and submit

    Desired Outcome: Students and teachers will have new ideas and tools to experiment with and implement. The volunteer will provide recommendations for continued avenues of support for individual students, teachers and administrative staff.


    • Experience or training in counseling
    • Ability or experience in working with other cultures, especially W.Africa.
    • Leadership skills. Ability to work with, inspire and empower community.
    • Organizational skills. Ability to gather and transcribe information from interviews and help develop and implement ideas.
    • Listening skills. Though English is widely spoken, understanding is not only found in the words spoken however, but rather through the underlying meaning. Sensitivity to cultural differences must be acquired.
    • Experience and knowledge of W. African culture and education system is a plus.
    • Other attributes will be: Ability to be a good detective and probe gently. Candidate will need to look at what is said and what is not said. Be patient but results oriented – not easily side-tracked. Interested in learning and teaching.

    Accommodations:  Housing and dinners will be provided. Simple rooms with electricity and fans are the norm.  Volunteers are made very welcome and are well looked after throughout their stay. Please discuss any special requirements/requests so we can see how to best make you comfortable.

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