Update from Shifra Raz, January 2, 2010

Ho is the capital of the Volta Region, but it is more like a big village. The only entertainment in town is funerals, wedding or church. There are many miserable looking bars. Not even a movie house. In the mornings the locals burn the trash, plastic bags and all. This in addition to the dry […]

Update from Benny Rubinstein, January 2, 2010

A short week, but never the less it was not short of excitement. I rented a compact machine for two days to compact the sand in preparation for casting the floor. We need a total of 6300 cement blocks for the building, and I told the community that they need to produce minimum of 360 […]

Update from Benny Rubinstein 12/27/09

On Thursday, December 24th, I traveled to Kpando to meet with Bishop Forson regarding digging a borehole for his school. Work was not scheduled at the Airfield School on Christmas Eve. I received a call from my contractor that the whole community showed-up for a half day work, 65 people including some youngsters. This was […]

Update from Shifra Raz 12/27/2009

Surprisingly, at this very Christian country, where stores name are "by the grace of god beauty shop" etc, nothing much was happening at X-mas time.  No gift buying, decorations or family get together.  Just another day to go to church.  Many businesses were opened. At the construction site, this week was marked by power struggle, […]

Shifra’s Journal – December 15, 2009

There are no signs leading to Airfield Community. From the main road you would not know that anyone live in the bush. An airport was planned for the area, but will probably never be built. Land was available and 400 people settled in the area. They came from the coast, from the north or escaped […]