From Benny’s journal December 15, 2009

Here came Monday and the saga continued. It looks like nothing can change the poor-man mentality that cannot see farther than the edge of their noses and only a few showed up to work at 8:00AM. My “Contractor" surprised me again with alterations to the building plan and changes to the duration of some of […]

Building the Airfield School – update from Shifra Raz 12/5/09

Friday was a national holiday, “Farmer’s Day”. Farmers compete for the best crops, livestock, fishery, and can win tractor, bike or farming equipment. In 1997 Bishop Forson won first place in his district for his Timber (teak wood) and Palm Oil Farms. Due to the holiday, work was not scheduled for Airfield Community, but they […]

Update from Shifra Raz on Thanksgiving 2009

10th day of construction: excavation of the foundation in the hard clay soil was completed, marking the outlines of the two long classroom buildings connected by the administration building. Steel pillars (all handmade by the steel bender) were cemented into the ground, supported by the poles that the children cut and carried to school. The […]

November 21, 2009 Airfield School update from Shifra Raz

I was waiting in the beat-up blue truck while it was being loaded with wood, tools and a wheelbarrow, watching the town passing by: children in ironed uniforms on the way to school, women in long colorful dresses balancing baskets full of loaves of white bread on the head, morning porridge was sold in plastic […]

Report by Shifra Raz – Building of the Airfield School begins!

At Airfield School, the children helped unload the white-wood boards and all the tools off the truck to the building site. Truckloads of cement bags, sand, stones and steel rods are already at the site. Benny was able to negotiate a good price for all materials. Monday morning the community members will start molding the […]