Health and Sanitation

    By supplying clean water, building hand washing stations and empowering students and their communities, we continue to focus attention on health and hygiene.

    Clean, running water is a luxury we take for granted. Not so in Ghana! We brought clean water and sanitation to Bishop Forson and Airfield Schools to improve health and reduce the need for children to carry water from distant boreholes.

    At Bishop Forson School Complex a borehole was drilled in 2010 and the children and teachers are grateful to have clean water readily available.

    A new septic system and self-flush toilets were also installed thanks to the the Danish government and the availability of this water.

    At Airfield School we have in place a rain-water collection system for regular washing and our new septic system with self-flush toilets. The nearby borehole provides drinking water and Tippy Tap hand washing stations deliver a hygienic method of water delivery for students, teachers and volunteers.

    The Tippy Tap project is ongoing since the Pagus Student Interns believed this was an important way to assist in rural villages. They are educating people iabout the importance of hand washing and showing them how to build Tippy Taps of their own.