Clean Water

    Clean Water

    Five of our communities seek access to clean water and a healthier, more productive life. We work to deliver a sustainable source of clean water and to instill the habit of hand-washing. Together, we will help hundreds of people lead healthier and more productive lives.

    Clean, running water is a luxury we take for granted. Not so in Ghana! We are assisting five villages so they may have a sustainable solution to clean water. Boreholes (deep wells drilled by machine) are required and must be fitted with pumps to take the water a storage tank for distribution). Such a solution will eliminate the need for people to walk miles to unsafe water sources.

    In previous years, we successfully brought clean water and sanitation to Bishop Forson and Airfield Schools to improve health and reduce the need for children to carry water from distant boreholes.

    At Bishop Forson School Complex a borehole was drilled in 2010 so children and teachers could have clean water readily available.

    A new septic system and self-flush toilets were also installed thanks to the the Danish government and the availability of this water.

    At Airfield School we have in place a rain-water collection system for regular washing and our new septic system with self-flush toilets. The nearby borehole provides drinking water and supplies our Tippy Tap hand washing stations.

    Tippy Taps

    Tippy- taps are ‘hands-free’, low cost, water conserving hand washing stations that allows users to wash their hands in a hygienic and convenient manner.

    Tippy-taps allow anyone with access to water, a hands-free way to make it flow. They are simple to build and maintain.

    The primary challenge is sufficient education on the importance of hand washing, and support to instill this new habit. Our Path students and staff are educating people about the importance of hand washing and showing them how to build Tippy Taps of their own.

    Tippy taps are operated by a foot lever and are built from local and easy-to obtain materials such as stones, sticks, string and jerry cans.