Focus on education

    We have observed that critical to any change we may hope to ignite is a student’s ability to think imaginatively and act independently. Many NGOs leave a community once they have helped to provide a school building or school supplies, but Pagus:Africa has seen that the challenges faced to educate children in Ghana are profound. We have found there is an important role foreign partners can take in assisting in development and implementation of school programs and we are taking this on!

    The first Pagus Learning Center was opened May 2014 at Bishop Forson School. The Center houses a fabulous collection of learning materials to assist students develop in core subjects while igniting curiosity and inspiring and love of learning.

    In 2015, we opened Pagus Center for Achievement in the town of Ho. The Center offers books, learning materials, computers with Internet and the assistance of Pagus staff to help students define and achieve learning and personal goals.

    Painting Possibilities, a program we piloted in 2007, consists of a week of workshops devoted exclusively to develop creativity and critical thinking skills.

    Volunteers play a key role in all of this work; run workshops, tutor students, encourage reading and creative writing, mentor teachers, and implement after-school clubs.