Clean Water

Hand-washing is more important than ever to avoid serious diseases such as cholera and the potential of Ebola’s spread to Ghana. Providing access to clean water and helping to instill the habit of hand-washing is a challenge we have taken on.

Access to clean water is always a priority. Current Goals/Projects:

  • Help  Wayanu and surrounding villages access clean water year-round. Current borehole, well and reservoir do not provide clean water during the dry season and are inadequate during the rainy season. We are currently assessing the situation and researching potential solutions.
  • Continue to bring tippy taps to villages and health clinics

Accomplishments to date:

  •  In 2010 we drilled a borehole at Bishop Forson School in Kpando. This freed the children from the long walk to town to fetch water and improved health and sanitation for students and teachers.  The addition of the borehole created the environment to put in a new septic system and self-flush toilets. The Danish government funded that portion of the project.
  • In 2010 we created a   rain-water collection system for regular washing and our new septic system with self-flush toilets at Airfield School.  The nearby borehole, provided by another donor, provides drinking water.
  • In 2013 water at Bishop Forson School was piped to the kitchen and other campus locations.
  • In 2014 we introduced and built the region’s first Tippy Taps. News and rave reviews quickly spread. Ghana Education System assigned  a staff member to build them at several schools in the municipality.
  • 2014 – present Pagus student interns and Junior Staff  are educating villagers on the importance of hand washing and how to build and maintain tippy taps.