Summer School


This annual program, started in 2011 offers students a chance to learn and explore in an environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking skills. It is the next generation of our previous offering: Painting Possibilities. Read more.

In August of 2015 we will offer an array of exciting classes to engage students in middle school (JHS). So far they are planned to include music/dance/theater, beading, hands-on science, leadership training and more.

Previous workshops have included arts and crafts projects, exploring marketing by creating logos and slogans, silk-screening t-shirts, doll making, kite making, construction of a geodesic dome, science exploration, and various programs in music, photography, writing and free painting.  There  have been various school improvement projects, as well such as creating a playground, making concrete benches, resurfacing pitted floors and painting of dormitories.

To volunteer for the 2015 program or to help support this work, please fill out an application, see our Wish List,  Make a Donation, or Contact Us for more information.