The Airfield School

    Building the Airfield School

    The Airfield School was established in 1990 as a community school under the care of the Ministry of Education. There was no school building provided - only a make-shift shelter. At the request of the community, Pagus organized and funded the building of a new facility which it opened in 2010.

    Setting: Volta Region, near Ho along the busy Lome Road. There are 6 acres of flat land.

    Scope of Project: We built 8 classrooms plus office to house KG and primary school classes, a library, storage room, meeting room, Headmaster office, and sanitation facility with squatting toilets flushed with harvested rain water. 

    Community participation: The community supplied unskilled labor.

    Government participation: The government donated 10 bags of cement and supplied new furnishings as well as new school uniforms.

    Cost of Project and Funding: $52,000. Initial funding for this project was made largely possible by students and teachers from the Boston, NY and Philadelphia areas and friends and family of Shifra Raz and Benny Rubinstein.  

    Project Status: The primary school was completed March 2010, furniture and library shelving were delivered March 2011. Primary school children were incorporated into the government uniform and lunch program shortly after. Our library has a small selection of Ghanaian books and other books donated from school in the USA. In 2014 we temporarily relocated our Center for Achievement to the school. Our ambition is to build an independent facility near to the school.

    Current Goals

    Our primary goal is to provide greater assistance to the most vulnerable students through our innovative programs at Center for Achievement in the nearby center of Ho. We encourage and support students who wish to gain the necessary skills to help development in their villages.