Painting Possibilities

This program is an annual three-week period of courses designed to tap, unleash and set in motion the reservoir of creativity, imagination, and agency within students at the Bishop Forson School. We have observed that critical to any change we may hope to ignite is a student's ability to think imaginatively and act independently. In this three-week period volunteers with various skills and teaching backgrounds work with teachers to share ideas and then lead students through creative projects and processes, empowering them with new skills and confidence in one’s ability to problem-solve and create.

"Cultural exchange" is a much used catch phrase but in this program we are actually seeing the richness and complexity of such an exchange. It is transformative for all involved. The deepening of our mutual understanding through the sharing of hands-on workshops challenges our presumptions and opens us to new, effective ways for working together. For this reason, Painting Possibilities will continue to play an important part in our future with the Bishop Forson School.

Program Goals:

  • Professional development for teachers and staff in Africa to learn new ways of teaching children through positive models focusing on the child's creativity and individuality
  • Cultural exchange for students and teachers alike
  • Incorporating and learning about African crafts and traditions

Setting: The Bishop Forson School is a rural school beautifully situated between the town of Kpando and Torkor near the Volta Lake in the Volta Region.

Group Size: space is limited to 10 volunteers plus the group leader.


Video by Shelby Kay-Fantozzi 2008

SLIDE SHOWS: 2009 Geodesic Dome

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Funding: Cost for 2011 is $1500. This covers all expenses while in Ghana including hotels (2-3 in a room), meals, ground transportation, and a percentage of the cost of running the program. Other expenses include airfare (est $1300 - $1500), visa ($60), travel insurance (est $60-100) and medical costs of immunizations and malaria pills. See the packing list for other items you may need or want to purchase.

All costs are paid through donations from volunteers, friends and supporters and are tax deductible. As with all our volunteer programs, Pagus assists when possible, to raise the necessary funds and makes no profit from this or any of our programs. Should the funds raised for the project exceed the actual costs, those funds will be used for supplies for the school.

Our next trip is scheduled for July 2011. If you are interested in learning more, email or call Ellen at 610-645-0753.

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