School Libraries

    Pagus has built libraries at the Bishop Forson and Airfield schools. We have an ongoing commitment to provided relevant and exciting books and to use these facilities to best advantage. Our resources come through donations in kind from the US and from monetary gifts that allow us to purchase local Ghanaian books.

    In addition, we send textbooks and teaching materials whenever we are fortunate enough to receive donations from schools in the US. Such donations are highly valued and we are always on the lookout for more. In 2011, we instituted a program to help all of our sponsored students obtain their textbooks at the start of the school year.

    Computers are a vital tool to help children learn about and communicate with the wider world. We opened a computer lab at Bishop Forson School in 2008 but many of the computers are in disrepair by now.

    One of our goals is to start a robust IT program with updated equipment and staffing to make best use of such a resource .

    Until we have adequate computer labs at both schools, we are working with whatever materials are available and we take small groups to the local internet cafes for tutorials, as well.