Sponsor a Child - Change a Life

    Education is truly a doorway to a better life and we see the positive impact that sponsorships have had on students every day. The care and attention provided through the funding of school fees and related expenses — along with our educational support and program oversight is incredible. Our generous sponsors provide not only financial support but forge important personal connections. Together, we really are making a difference!

    Our approach is changing…

    Over the past several years we have been putting increased emphasis on providing educational programs to ignite critical thinking and engage students in ways their schools and teachers do not. Those students that remain in or join in our sponsorship program are now under our direct care – meaning that they live in our Pagus House and receive daily attention from our staff and student interns. The relationships that we form with these children are powerful and go beyond paying of school fees. We believe that with guidance, care and love, these children can and will do amazing things with their lives

    How are children selected for our sponsorship program? Children who are identified by teachers, staff or volunteers as vulnerable to abuse or prostitution, or are observed to be left to fend for themselves, are a priority, as are those in extreme poverty. If they have the ambition to learn and we have the resources to care for them, we accept them into our program. This is their chance for a better future.

    What information do sponsors get about their child?

    Background We provide sponsors with basic information about their child – the age, date of birth and class they are admitted to. We also share any information we have on the family, academic achievement and character of the child.

    Letters Sponsored students write letters to their sponsors throughout the year. We offer a way to build connections between sponsors and students. These connections can be simple or quite powerful, depending on the individuals.

    Reports Sponsors receive report cards at least once per year. These report cards are very different than what we are used to in the US. Sponsors are encouraged to address any questions they may have so we can seek to provide better understanding.

    Photos We send sponsors a photo at the start of the school year and anytime someone snaps a good one during the year! Videos, too!

    Are sponsors required to communicate with their children? Sponsors are encouraged to write to their child and be part of their lives. For those that want to support a child but do not want this level of engagement, we suggest they become a Friend of Pagus:Africa and let us know that they want their donations to specifically go to our sponsorship program. If you want information about a specific child, be sure to let us know.

    Are does sponsorship of one child cost? As of 2014/15, the expenses per child, for whom we are providing our housing and care, a high-performing International school, all meals and related expenses (such as field trips and personal items like soap and shampoo) totals $2000 for a year. At the Pagus House, students have more than room and board – they have a home. All of their needs are attended to from school fees, personal items, trips to the doctors, new shoes – you name it! Their families are expected to contribute something too, and most provide some food from family farms.

    We understand that many people cannot afford to cover all these expenses. For this reason, we ask for a minimum contribution of $500 per student. We will pair you with other sponsors until we have covered all the child’s fees.

    Sponsor a Child