Become a sponsor - change a life!

This one year of my internship helped me than my one year in school because I would never learn the things that I learned if I were in school. I thank Center for Achievement for helping me through my one-year of internship and I know that for the next years [in senior high school] I am going to learn more and more things to guide my life as an individual. I really thank Center for Achievement for making this great investment into my education and my life as a whole.
Student intern, October 2017

students in need of support

Give students a path to a better life. 

Education is the doorway to a life full of possibilities. We see the positive impact that sponsorships have on our students every day. With financial assistance for school and related fees, educational support,  and a supplemental program geared to help them reach their goals, students grow into confident and competent adults. Sponsors provide not only financial support but often forge important personal connections. Together, we really are making a difference!


Mercy joined us after completing her high school education, not certain of what to do next or how she could afford to continue her education.  We recognized something special in Mercy – and through working with us as a senior intern, she discovered her passion for teaching. Now 20 years old, Mercy is applying to universities in the US and in Ghana. With your support, she can become a premier educator and change the lives of 100’s of children.


 Philo, age 18,  is in her 2nd year of high school. She completed a one-year internship program with us in 2016 in which she founded a girls’ club in her village, Wayanu.
Philo has only her mum to look after her. Together, they earn small money from making and selling charcoal. Meeting the high cost of education in Ghana is beyond their means. Your support will change their lives and the many others that Philo is helping with the skills and knowledge she will gain.


Joseph is 18 years old and in his first year of high school. His parents are unable to support the cost of his education, placing an enormous burden on this young man who is working so hard to succeed. 

Joseph joined our Path to Success program in July after demonstrating his eagerness to learn and to contribute to the team efforts. He needs a sponsor to believe in him as we do.

Helping students on a path to a better life

Over the past several years we have increased our emphasis on providing supplemental educational programs to ignite critical thinking and engage students in ways their schools and teachers do not. Our Path students  play an integral part in the direction of their learning and programs the organization undertakes. Their voices are what drives us forward. The relationships that we form with these young people are powerful. We have observed that with guidance, care and love, these children can and will do amazing things with their lives.

How are children selected for our Path program? Youth who are identified by teachers, staff or volunteers as vulnerable to abuse or prostitution, or are observed to be left to fend for themselves, are a priority, as are those in extreme poverty. If they have the ambition to learn and we have the resources to care for them, we accept them into our program. This is their chance for a better future.

As a sponsor, you will receive:

Student’s personal story. Each student will send you a biography so you may get an insight into their lives, hopes and dreams.

Letters Each student will write a letter during their school breaks to tell you how their studies are progressing and share those things that matter to them. Letters offer a way to build connections between sponsors and students. These connections can be simple or quite powerful, depending on the individuals.

Reports Sponsors receive report cards at least once per year. These report cards are very different than what we are used to in the US. Sponsors are encouraged to address any questions they may have so we can seek to provide better understanding of the West African educational system.

Photos We send sponsors a photo at the start of the school year and anytime someone snaps a good one during the year! Videos, too!

Are sponsors required to communicate with their children? Not exactly, though they are encouraged to and the students appreciate knowing you.

What does sponsorship of one child cost? Average costs per student is $800. We understand that many people cannot afford to cover all these expenses. For this reason, we ask for a minimum contribution of $300 per student. We will pair you with other sponsors until we have covered all the expenses.

Please be sure to let us know you are directing your donation for a sponsorship and provide contact information so we may let you know about your child. Thank you!!!