Counseling and Advocacy


    • Assist and support students struggling academically and/or socially
    • Work with students to give them effective tools to manage common problems and complaints, peer mediation, etc.
    • Facilitate Girls’ groups to address issues such as teen pregnancy.

    Desired Outcome: Students  will have new  tools to and be more successful in navigating the problems they face. The volunteer will provide recommendations for continued avenues of support for individual students.


    • Experience or training in counseling
    • Ability or experience in working with other cultures, especially W.Africa.
    • Leadership skills. Ability to work with, inspire and empower community.
    • Organizational skills. Ability to gather and transcribe information from interviews and help develop and implement ideas.
    • Listening skills. Though English is widely spoken, understanding is not only found in the words spoken however, but rather through the underlying meaning. Sensitivity to cultural differences must be acquired.
    • Experience and knowledge of W. African culture and education system is a plus.
    • Other attributes will be: Ability to be a good detective and probe gently. Candidate will need to look at what is said and what is not said. Be patient but results oriented – not easily side-tracked. Interested in learning and teaching.

    Accommodations:  Housing is provided. Simple rooms with electricity and fans are the norm.  Please discuss any special requirements/requests so we can see how to best make you comfortable.

    Terms of commitment: We are looking for volunteers who can commit to a minimum of 6 months. A living stipend will be provided after 3 months of successful service.

    Cost of volunteering | Volunteer Application