Language Arts Teachers

    Dynamic English classes for primary school students…

     Read for Success 

    is a program designed to supplement the Ghana Education Service’s English curriculum. English is Ghana’s official language, but it is a second language to Ewe for students growing up in the Volta Region. Our program utilizes Scott Foresman, and other textbooks and learning materials, to deliver lessons that are engaging and child-centered.

    • Incorporate creative activities and other disciplines like science experiments, arts and crafts projects, sports and games, and more
    • Benchmark student progress to demonstrate the effectiveness of these teaching methods
    • Work cooperatively with teachers to demonstrate and encourage positive teaching methods
    • Work closely with our Literacy Supervisor who assists in creating relevant lesson plans and activities
    • Submit weekly reports on work accomplishments, overall experience, and observations

    Qualifications/ Desired Traits:  Highly-motivated organized individuals with excellent communication skills, who care for others in need, will be most successful in this position. Teaching/tutoring experience and classroom experience is desirable but not required.

     Accommodations:  Pagus offers free housing for volunteers in Ho. We have a two-bedroom apartment that is shared with one or more volunteers.

    Duration: A one year commitment is preferred but we will consider a shorter duration that corresponds with the school terms. If you want a 2 to 3 week experience, we suggest our August Camp program.

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