Required Documentation:

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Visa Application Form - Fill out and print in quadruplicate. Carefully follow guidelines from the Ghana Embassy website. We will furnish a letter of invitation for you to include with your application
  • Yellow Card ( you will get this from the travel medicine clinic)
  • Copy of e ticket (keep this for your return, too!)
  • Emergency Medical Insurance (click here to purchase)

Required Medical preparation:

Visit the CDC Website for up to date travel health information. It is best to be informed before you visit a travel medicine clinic to get any required inoculations and medicines.

Please be sure to advise us of any medical conditions you may have.

Health Insurance:

We require that you have good travel health insurance coverage including emergency evacuation. We recommend you use squaremouth.com to search and purchase your plan since they will automatically send us all your information for our files (please use the link from our website).

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: There is no need to declare anything and if you are stopped and carrying donations for the school you can simply advise the customs officer if asked. Once outside keep a watch on your bags and insist that they not be handled by those not with Pagus unless you find it helpful. Tips will be expected.

Departure: Be sure to check with your airline, but generally speaking, you should plan on being at the airport three hours in advance so you are fully checked in two hours in advance. Also, be sure to have a printout of your e-ticket.

Depending on your particular situation/need we will arrange a pick up and drop off at the airport for your convenience. Please be sure that these arrangements are made in advance.

Before Leaving

    • Check the packing list and make sure you are packing appropriately. Be sure to ask questions if you have any.
    • Give Pagus a copy of your ticket and check that we have your travel insurance information
    • If you are being picked up at the airport, make sure you know the details. And if your plans change, be sure to advise us.
    • Register with the US Embassy in Ghana. You can do this onlinewww.travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui/
    • Make copies of important documents including your passport. Take a set with you and leave a set behind (you can leave it with us if you like).
    • Consider what you will be teaching and plan accordingly. Work with someone at Pagus to make sure you are planning appropriately.
    • Consider what supplies you may need and plan to bring whatever you can or ask what can/should be purchased there. We encourage volunteers to raise or appropriate some money to purchase items they will need. Do not count on the school being able to provide anything beyond chalk.