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At Pagus: Africa, our mission is to empower youth in Ghana to be change-makers in their communities.


Pagus:Africa works in and around Ho, the capital of Ghana’s Volta Region, at our Center for Achievement (PCFA), to provide and coordinate comprehensive services to assist in the education and development of young people, teach them vital, practical skills, and equip them to shape the world to be a better place. Read More.


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  • Gender Inequality
  • Low levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Inadequate support services for youth
  • Access to technology and connectivity
  • Ending the cycle of poverty


Pagus:Africa creates safe and supportive places for youth to

  • Learn, explore and find their voice
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Create and implement local solutions


  • 280 Students participating annually
  • 2 boreholes delivering water to 700+ people
  • Clean hands projects in 6 communities and schools throughout Ho Municipality. 
  • 150+ students sponsored


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