Classroom Teaching is Not My ‘Thing’ (Nina)

During the first term of the year I was helping out teaching stage 2 classes. They needed a lot of help, particularly with English. Ellen asked me why I didn’t continue teaching the classes  this term. The thing is, I love the kids but did not feel comfortable teaching the regular classes. I have learned that I don’t like teaching to big groups or the routine of being in a classroom every day. I actually debated between being a teacher and social work as a career. I love kids, but I like more the social work aspect of interactions with children. I really enjoy the mentoring and tutoring I am doing. One on one or small groups of kids – no more than 5 – seem to work best. I am still happy working with  stage 2 if I just work with a small group of struggling ones during their library time or club time.

I’m really enjoying the tutoring I’m doing now! Absolutely love it! I also am enjoying and learning a lot about administration. By working closely with Colleen and Jones (two other volunteers stationed at BFSC), I am seeing what it takes to run a school and working in a nonprofit organization. I’m learning a lot about how nonprofits run from Ellen, as well. Since my plan is to continue to work for nonprofits in the states its preparing me for that. It’s also what Ellen and I first discussed before I came; I knew this could be a great opportunity for me to learn and so far, I have and gained more than I thought I would – not only in  experience but friendships as well.

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