Airfield Scholars Fly to Heritage Academy Summer School

17 students left Ho in the morning of the July 27th to study at Heritage Academy for three weeks during their summer break. All had been awarded a scholarship for this special program. Most had never been outside Ho before.

They traveled through Accra, Ghana’s capital, marveling at the buildings and big city. For the next three weeks they lived without their families and worried only about their studies, taught mostly by Americans-which is quite different for them. They loved learning and were upset if the teacher couldn’t make it or they missed part of a class because breakfast was late.  They met every night to talk about the ups & downs of the day. One student (an 18 year old “boy” in the 8th grade) said that his “down” was that he was “…so full (rubbing his stomach), I usually only eat one meal a day…”   Other students exclaimed that “The teachers care if you understand!”

To top off the program, the group had a field trip to Kakum National Park and walked across a tree canopy. This program was the first of what we hope will be an ongoing partnership between Pagus:Africa, the Schoerke Foundation and Sankofa: The Ghana Children’s Charitable Foundation.

Why? Because as one recently orphaned student named David wrote in his
application, “… I know that my life will never be the same when I attend Heritage Academy vacation classes.”

Group photo at Heritage Academy

Pagus Scholars at Heritage Academy

Philomena Flying!

Philomena is so grateful for this opportunity!

Peace on Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park

Peace dressed in her finest for her nature walk!


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