2018 Impact Report

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Dear Friends,

PAGUS:AFRICA is a learning organization and 2018 was a year of continued growth and development for all stakeholders.  

Since 2005, we have been working with under-served youth in Ghana’s Volta Region providing a platform for practical education where students take a hands-on approach to tackling development issues in their communities. Students who enroll with us are part of our Path to Success program, which they may begin as early as age 15 and continue into their late 20’s. Each of our initiatives is an empowering learning experience.

At our Center for Achievement (CFA), students feel safe and open their minds to new ideas. Decision-making is framed by our core values (illustrated below). Our path students have a voice in key decisions including hiring new staff members and choosing the projects and themes we focus on. Currently, those themes are environment and gender equality/human rights.

Students come to our center to gain practical skills. They leave with greater self-confidence, a sense of purpose, accomplishment and an understanding about their role in the larger world. They feel secure knowing that they have the support of staff, friends and donor-sponsors that are all part of the (CFA) Family.

Last year, path students learned and taught literacy and numeracy, and engaged in discussions and activities to promote gender equality, and environmental sustainability. They participated in a program to promote handwashing and perhaps, most impressively, delivered a sustainable clean water source for a village of 500 people.

Thank you for helping us to empower them to help themselves!

Ellen Berenholz

Founder and Executive Director

Vision, Mission, and Core Values
Internship Program
Students on the Path to Success
Literacy Program
community classes in math
Path students attended the Global Women’s X Conference in Accra and were sponsored by participants of the conference who wanted to share information and hear about the challenges faced by young women in Ghana.
Board Members in USA and Ghana
Pagus, Center for Achievement works in concert with other NGOs, governmental organizations and private entities to create meaningful impact towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.