Water is Life

Water is life and life for this community is about to get better. Watch as CFA and the Wayanu community take on the journey to clean water.

Many of our communities seek access to clean water and a healthier, more productive life. In 2018 we delivered a clean water system to serve over 400 people in a rural village through a unique community approach. 

We began by encouraging one of our path students to identify the complexities of the problem by looking at how the community manages now and what options are most suitable to the inhabitants’ needs. We supported this path student to look at what has and what has not worked in the past. The situation was dire, particularly during dry season when women and children had to wake as early as 1 AM to dig in otherwise dried river beds.

A committee of CFA path students, staff, and other community members moved carefully, step by step, until a solid plan was agreed, and fund-raising could begin. One of our students was so inspired by this process, he is now concentrating his engineering degree in water – with a thesis in potable water! He is already assisting other villages to also have clean and healthy water.

Other water projects we have performed, over the years, include bringing clean water and sanitation to Bishop Forson and Airfield Schools to improve health and reduce the need for children to carry water from distant boreholes. A new septic system and self-flush toilets were also installed thanks to the Danish government and the availability of this water.

At Airfield School we created a rain-water collection system for regular washing and a new septic system with self-flush toilets. The nearby borehole provides drinking water and supplies our Tippy Tap hand washing stations.Top of Form


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