Charlotte’s Report from the Field

Training to be part of the Ghana 2020 census

~ by Charlotte Ohene
November 2019

I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to CFA for allowing take training to be part of the  Ghana census. I was happy to be selected for this opportunity and to have the support of CFA to pursue it and gain this experience.
As we began the journey on Wednesday, November 6th from Ho to Oti at 10:30 instead of 9:00 am in the morning, I was anxious to see my new environment. We journeyed for 6 hours to Dambai, the capital town of Oti region to cross the river to get to the other side.

That was not the worst, our car decided to breakdown so we had to look for a different car to the river side. Luckily enough for us, we got a car and we were able to go.

Upon reaching Dambai, we couldn’t get the pantoon so we joined the boat. It was a huge experience because I have never ridden in a boat before. Even though i was afraid, I was challenged to join it. The river is big but not tidy. It stinks badly. But people fetch this water and drink and use it at home too. I saw young girls doing this. I was not happy but what could I do?? It became a thought of bother to me on our next ride to the town, that seemed like forever. The world is indeed a huge place. I just had to thank God for his love and Grace. We had to sit in this car also for an hour and half to reach. God is good!!

So exhausted, we made way to the secondary schools in the town for registration. It was successful and we took it from there to go and check out our accommodation. It was not good. Insects were in the room but this is a rural area…there is nothing we could do but cope.

That same evening, we went to the town that is about 3 miles to get some provisions. We came back safe but tired.
Fortunately, the lady of the house was welcoming enough to have given out her water so we could bath for that night. After I took my bath and checked my phone before I realized it was 11:35 pm.

I couldn’t sleep because it’s a new environment I’m trying to adapt to. And with all the mosquitoes and wall geckos, we couldn’t enjoy our sleep.

When morning came, we went for our first training and believe me it was very tiring! Training has always been stressful, packed and tiring. There’s no day for Sabbath and no long breaks to relax. It’s what I’ve been doing so far.

I’m happy to say in  the trainings we had,  the things have been said that I heard. So I answered questions on those. Thus, community entry and civil rights.

And oh…. We have been informed that, the money we are expecting is what the enumerators for the general census take. So here, we are entitled to 20.00 cedis a day for the training and for the survey, a head is entitled to 50 cedis a day because this is a trial census.

The training so far has been very challenging since this is my first.  I am new but I am trying to do my Best. We take quick and uninformed tests. And I pray I get selected for the actual survey.
I am happy for this opportunity .
I am able to stand up for myself, by talking during discussions
Thank you… You’ll hear from me every week.