Pagus’ Center for Achievement supports and helps to develop local leadership to find and implement local solutions in Ghana.  Our educational programs are designed to inspire youth to become leaders. We promote critical thinking, creativity, and an entrepreneurial approach that motivates young people to change their communities and their world.

Our students help to  develop innovative, community-based projects to tackle the root causes and consequences of poverty.  This grassroots approach engages youth to be leaders and thought-partners in an educational framework that is truly holistic – ranging from academics to social issues, health, and human rights.

Since 2005 we have been working in Ghana as Pagus:Africa. In 2014 we established the Center for Achievement (CFA) to empower local youth to find their passion, personal voice, and self-confidence.  The two entities are connected in mission and governance, with Pagus:Africa acting as the funding arm for CFA. Each entity is a registered charitable organization and each one has their own board of directors.

Our Mission

To empower youth in Ghana to be change-makers in their communities.

Core Values


Ask Questions. Learn  more.


Be honest,  forgiving and genuine.


Find joy in all aspects of our lives.



Be compassionate, generous, and caring.


Stand up for what matters.


Value  each individual’s worth.  Be courteous.


Take personal responsibility.


Treat others fairly, make well-informed judgements.