Birthday Fundraisers

Celebrate YOU, by supporting the things you CARE about.

 Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for celebrating your special occasion by raising support for students in Ghana.   The contributions received in your honor will be gifts that keeps on giving because the funds you raise will help students learn essential skills through community development work; it just keeps paying forward!

  1.   Invite your friends and family to support your campaign by contacting them through email, calls, letters or on Facebook. Let them know why it is important to you and, if you set a goal amount (always a good idea!), let them know what that is.
  2. Create your own campaign page in a one click:


3.  Create a fundraiser on FaceBook. Here’s how:

On your Facebook page, click on the link for Fundraisers that is either on the left of your Facebook page (if it looks like mine), or, if you are using the ‘new Facebook’ you may see a + sign at the top of the page next to your name, prompting you to create.
At the bottom of that list is Fundraiser.

 You should see options to Raise money for a nonprofit

A box will come up where you can search for and opt to donate to Pagus:Africa

It will ask you how much you want to raise and how long you want to have the fundraiser go. (Tip, start ahead of your birthday by at least a few days and keep it open for at least a week after)

You will need title to your fundraiser and you may want to say something like Your Name’s  birthday fundraiser for education

Some of the content below may help express why this gift matters to you.

Content Ideas for Your Fundraiser

 Here is some text you can use or change as you like:

For my birthday this year, I’m asking for gifts to Pagus:Africa, because they are making impactful change in the lives of young people and their communities in Ghana. Pagus takes an innovative approach in equipping youth in Ghana to be change-makers in their own communities. When youth have the capacity to intelligently face life’s challenges through education, gaining skills, and mentorship, everyone benefits.

With the onset of COVID, conditions are that much more serious for these young people, so our help is needed now more than ever. Rural community schools are still not fully functioning, and children remain vulnerable to falling behind in education. Adolescent girls face increased risk of pregnancies (Ghana is seeing figures rise).

Your gift on this occasion takes helps to provide face masks and other PPE and education in basic subjects. In addition, it promotes youth leadership and advancement.

We are all facing challenging times, but I hope it brings you joy to know that so many young lives will be touched by your generosity. 

Will you join me and make a gift today? You can donate on Facebook, by texting the code “EDUCATEGHANA” to 44-321 or on the organization’s website   

I find gratitude and encouragement in standing together, to reach out and help others. Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday in this meaningful way.

Lastly, it will ask you for a photo. You don’t need to use the default one, you can send an email to  to ask for suggestions/images or grab a photo from  Pagus’ FaceBook page: