First Impressions of the Literacy Program at Lokoe School

The first thing one sees upon approaching the primary school, Sokode Lokoe M/A Basic, where the Lokoe Reads literacy program is conducted by Center for Achievement, is that the school is in serious disrepair. The worn, chipped burnt orange paint that covers the three sections of this school is the most obvious needed repair, but […]

Volunteer First Impressions

First Week’s Impressions​ Jeni Hollander is Center for Achievement’s Communicaton Officer. Jeni is helping students and staff share their stories and gain confidence in all aspects of communication. January 10, 2018 Much has happened in my first week (back) in Ghana.  Today has marked one week officially, and I look forward to the coming weeks where […]

Airfield Scholars Fly to Heritage Academy Summer School

17 students left Ho in the morning of the July 27th to study at Heritage Academy for three weeks during their summer break. All had been awarded a scholarship for this special program. Most had never been outside Ho before. They traveled through Accra, Ghana’s capital, marveling at the buildings and big city. For the next […]

Impressions of Airfield School – J. King

I only had a short stint at Airfield School…I learned a lot by observing and then teaching classes the first few days I was there. Even though teaching was not my primary task, it was an excellent way to start. I got an overview and began to understand the similarities and differences between Airfield and […]

Classroom Teaching is Not My ‘Thing’ (Nina)

During the first term of the year I was helping out teaching stage 2 classes. They needed a lot of help, particularly with English. Ellen asked me why I didn’t continue teaching the classes  this term. The thing is, I love the kids but did not feel comfortable teaching the regular classes. I have learned […]