Report from Shifra Raz on newly sponsored children in Ghana and starting work on the Airfield School in Ho

Grandmother Ennim, infant tied to her back, came to school to tell Mr. Forson that she cannot effort to sent her three granddaughters to school. She needs their help in the market. She sells salt at Torkor Harbor. Not much of a harbor: some fishing boats, food stalls, women doing their laundry and piles of […]

Building a School, posted by Benny Rubinstein

Prior to our arrival to Ghana we were told by Ellen Berenholz from Pagus:Africa that the organization was raising funds to build a school in a suburb of Ho, the capital city of the Volta Region, in a community called Airfield (named as such since it is in close proximity to a future Airport). Our […]

Volunteer Journal – Shifra Raz and Benny Rubinstein, Kpando, Ghana. October 31, 2009

On market days the town comes alive with farmers arriving with fresh crops, women carrying baskets on their heads.  New vegetables were added to our menu.  Dinner today was cassava (long tube-like root), garden eggs (look like small yellowish eggplants), okra, local red rice, local cowpeas (beans), avocado, and  sardines from Morocco.  Joyce, Mabel and […]

Volunteer Journal -Shifra Raz, Kpando, Ghana October 22, 2009

The small pleasures of life. Benny heated some water to add to the cold water bucket. "Shower" was such a luxury today. The big rain came in the afternoon. We put large buckets under the roof, to catch the rain water. The rain is hammering loudly on the corrugated-aluminum roof. This is our second week […]

Volunteer Journal from Shifra Raz, Volunteer. Kpando, Ghana October 17, 2009

Shifra Raz is in Ghana volunteering with her husband, Benny. Shifra is a teacher who is assisting at the Bishop Forson School and Benny is an Engineer assisting with the drilling of a borehole and building the Airfield School. Shifra writes regularly about their experiences.