Follow Nina – Fall 2013 volunteer blog

Nina Liamba shares her volunteer experiences and photos here: Nina is volunteering for the first term of the school year (2013). We are delighted to have her!

Meet the PTA

A few days back, several PTA members came to introduce themselves to us. They wanted to officially welcome us to the school and say thank you for coming. While that meeting was pleasant, nothing more came of it than seeing each board member’s face for the first time. On the other hand, today was our […]

Raising the Flag

Yesterday, some of the students started a project to raise a flagpole in front of the school. One of the students, Maxwell, is a trained carpenter. Because of this, he’s much older than his classmates but has returned to school to continue his education. He frequently helps out with school maintenance and the flag became […]

The First Day

Today was our first day at Airfield in Ho. Though I have worked in a lot of classrooms, I was surprisingly nervous. What if I offended someone? What if I hated the school? What if I was culturally insensitive? What if the kids thought I was a freak of nature? Though the day wasn’t completely smooth […]

Introduction: Gionni

One of the many tasks I had to complete to prepare for this trip was to write an introduction to send to Airfield School and Bishop Forson. Ellen wanted the teachers and headmasters to know a little bit about us and to see a picture of our faces. In order to introduce myself, briefly, to […]