Fare thee well!

A quick note before I start into the meat of this entry is to let everyone know that Josh and I had to head home early.  Due to extraneous circumstances, we had to go home earlier than we would have liked, but on a positive note, since we realized this a month before we had […]

A New Chapter

Before I begin, I will first acknowledge that I have not written in a LONG time.  This is largely because Josh and I were working on the same projects, and there was no need for us both to write about the same things.  It would be redundant and boring. Now we are at Bishop Forson, […]


If you’ve followed Pagus’s plans over the last year I’m sure you’ve at least heard something of a new JHS building and electricity for the school. The idea is at least older than since Tracy and I arrived in Ghana and the plans for it has been well underway since then. However, for reasons always […]

Beautiful Things – A Wishlist

One thing I’ve learned volunteering is that “progress pictures” are easy. A few snapshots, even un-posed, and it can seem like everything has completely changed and you are loved beyond any sensible amount for it. That’s not to say such doesn’t happen and vast improvements aren’t being made; it’s just that the snapshot is the […]

An Ode to Computers

Note to reader/self, this is not the easiest way to teach Information-Communications Technology (ICT, or really, computer basics). Still the awkward huddling about and taking turns on my laptop as its battery quickly speeds to zero is a considerable step up from the level of teachings resources normally available. What do I mean by this? […]