Charlotte’s Report from the Field

Training to be part of the Ghana 2020 census ~ by Charlotte OheneNovember 2019 I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to CFA for allowing take training to be part of the  Ghana census. I was happy to be selected for this opportunity and to have the support of CFA to pursue it […]

First Impressions of the Literacy Program at Lokoe School

The first thing one sees upon approaching the primary school, Sokode Lokoe M/A Basic, where the Lokoe Reads literacy program is conducted by Center for Achievement, is that the school is in serious disrepair. The worn, chipped burnt orange paint that covers the three sections of this school is the most obvious needed repair, but […]

Volunteer First Impressions

First Week’s Impressions​ Jeni Hollander is Center for Achievement’s Communicaton Officer. Jeni is helping students and staff share their stories and gain confidence in all aspects of communication. January 10, 2018 Much has happened in my first week (back) in Ghana.  Today has marked one week officially, and I look forward to the coming weeks where […]