Focus on education

    We have observed that critical to any change we may hope to ignite is a student’s ability to think imaginatively and act independently. 

    Our Center for Achievement in Ghana is a place where young people are challenged to learn new skills and participate actively in developing their communities. From working in schools on literacy, math and other educational programs to promoting sanitation and health initiatives, our young people are at the forefront of each initiative. Education does not begin and end inside the traditional classroom – it is ongoing and life-long.

    Centers for Learning

    The first Pagus Learning Center opened in May 2014 at Bishop Forson School near Kpando. The Center was equipped with a fabulous collection of learning materials to assist students develop in core subjects while igniting curiosity and inspiring a love of learning.

    In 2015, we opened Pagus Center for Achievement in the city of Ho. Students gather at the Center to learn and use computers, access an array of  books and learning materials, and work with our staff to set personal goals. Most of our users are part of our Path to Success program which is designed to help them gain practical skills through experience of actively running outreach programs. In turn, students become strong, confident leaders that actively participate in community development.

    The following programs are taught by student interns that are part of the Path to Success.

    English and Math

    English and math are areas of the curriculum that challenge Ghanaian students across the board. Center for Achievement works to make these subjects interesting and accessible and to overcome gaps in learning through the following prgrams:

    Lokoe Reads

    Math 48

    This program endeavors to combat illiteracy in under-served primary schools of Ho Municipality in the Volta Region and promote academic and personal development as well as gender equity. Through individualized assessments, teacher training and provision of appropriate materials, these students, as reported by school management, are significantly improving their reading, writing and comprehension levels. Through child-centered teaching methods children gain self-confidence which helps them overcome blocks to learning.

    2018 is our 3rd year at in Lokoe School. Each year we train/retrain our student interns and revise our program according to the needs of the students and availability of our resources. Class access and schedule are dictated by the school authorities.

    Read one volunteer’s first impressions

    This program was piloted by one of our Path students, Daniel Azemala, who is an alum of Airfield school and member of the Atyinu village. He is now working as a Junior Staff member at Center for Achievement.

    Daniel consulted the youth and elders of his village to develop a meaningful math program. Center for Achievement has valuable resources in our learning materials that Daniel and other staff members are able to utilize and make math class a fun time so that students enjoy learning.

    As of 2019, classes will be held at the Airfield School so students can attend in greater numbers.