Impact Overview

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  • Opened Center for Achievement in Ho offering lending library,  computer lab, and educational programs. (2014)
  • Created a sponsorship program that has sent over 150 students to school
  •  Created safe housing  for vulnerable youth
  • Opened Pagus Learning Center in Kpando (2013)
  • Built an eight-classroom school with offices, library, and bathrooms
  • Provided  clean and sustainable water sources in two communities
  • Created volunteer programs for cultural exchanges
  • Sent  school and medical supplies and equipment
  •  Sent a school van and a second vehicle for farm work

Ongoing Educational Programs

  • Path to Success Leadership training and educational support
  • Student Internship Practical experience and activities to help students create and reach their goals.
  • Computer Training
  • Youth Clubs
  • English Literacy Classes in and after school (Read for Success)
  •  Day Camps promoting creativity, social skills, exploration and basic education
  • Tutoring
  • Teacher Training
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Workshops
  • Health and Hygiene Clean hands with Tippy Taps