Center for Achievement Students at the Global Women's X Conference in Accra October 2018
Student interns 2019

“I am very grateful. Through CFA, I got the chance to learn and build my skills. I was able to build my communication skills through my interactions with the girls at girls club, read for success and trainings we had in the office.

The literacy program, read for success helped to shape my behavior towards kids. I learnt how to be patient in dealing with kids, how to communicate to them to understand what you are trying to put across, how to teach them ,how to be a kid watcher and  how to conduct assessments.

 Moreover, I acquired a lot of knowledge from the weekly training sessions we have in the office. I got the privilege to learn what community development, budgeting and saving were about. What goes into community development, the benefits of saving and the need for an organization or a person to budget. Also, the training sessions we had with Madam Connie for read for success was enlightening and educative and it’s one thing I will always carry with me.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to do administrative tasks like taking stock to update the inventory, organize files on SharePoint , answering and receiving of calls, creating and updating project activity spreadsheet, taking records of requests and making sure they are approved before giving them out and issuing and stocking stationeries needed for field work and stationeries finished. Also, I learnt how to take pictures from the right angles. I learnt what action pictures were and got the opportunity to enroll into free online photography class which enhanced the outcome of my pictures positively.

I also got the opportunity to take part in administering questionnaires to assess the needs of a community and the strategy involved to time a question in a certain way to get detailed information from your respondent which was very educative. I learnt how to use software like Outlook and SharePoint which has been great. My computer skills; typing has improved due to weekly practice and I am very grateful.”


Student interns 2018

“… CFA is not only interested in providing financial assistance and infrastructure for people but also molding, we the young ones, in leadership goals and character so that we can also give back to our society. CFA believes that training individuals to solve their own problems is more beneficial than CFA solving their problems for them” (Edith, 2nd row, 5th seat).


“I want CFA to continue to inspire, motivate, and impact youth. This is because CFA has inspired and motivated me which has made me grow in my thinking abilities” (Emmanuella, first row, 4th seat).


Student intern 2016 -17

“This one year of my internship would help me than my one year in school because I will never learn the things that I learned if I were in school. I thank Center for Achievement for helping me through my one year of internship and I know that for the next years am going to learn more and more things to guide my life as individual. I really thank Center for Achievement for making this great investment into my education and my life as a whole” (Benedicta).

Summer 2016 volunteer at Lokoe Summer Day Camp

“I volunteered with Pagus:Africa in Summer 2016 by teaching critical thinking to middle school children at the summer camp at Lokoe school, which turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Having worked remotely with several members of the Pagus team for over a year, I was looking forward to travelling to Ghana. I ended up meeting a friendly group of people who were truly multicultural and was amazed at how dedicated they were towards bringing about a positive change to education and health in Ghana.

The Pagus staff had clear goals for the summer camp and I was tasked with helping the children analyze the various situations they encounter in their lives, to characterize truth from falsehood, good from bad and to choose the best path from the alternatives they are presented.  I had an opportunity to interact with the children, understand the merits and demerits of their educational system, their cultural practices and devise a curriculum that could bridge the gap between their current abilities and our goal.

Ellen, the executive director of Pagus:Africa, was at Ghana during that time and she introduced me to the residents of the neighboring villages. This presented a glimpse into the lives of the villagers, their lack of access to basic resources such as water and electricity and the associated challenges, and the choices that they made to deal with difficult situations. It was a true eye-opening moment to appreciate all I had in life and more importantly to understand how much I could contribute to help out others in need.

I would highly recommend volunteering with Pagus:Africa and if possible, to travel to Ghana to help out with their annual summer camp” (Nithish).

Summer 2012 volunteer:

“I appreciate Ellen’s energy and her willingness to share her own resources and fundraising skills with these two school communities in Ghana. I understand how she is smitten and continuously engaged in this work. Also, I saw the tremendous need for secular and non-governmental organizations willing to do development related work especially in areas like early childhood education. I recommend anyone who wants to join Pagus: Africa in fulfilling its mission to support Bishop Forson School and Airfield School Complex. In my own efforts, I am organizing a donation campaign for bed-sheets for the boy’s dormitory at BFSC for this November” (Megumi).

Volunteer teacher and fundraiser:

“Hi Ellen, I have been meaning to contact you to let you know how rich an experience
working with Pagus:Africa has been for me and for my students. I thought
the following recommendation might be the most meaningful way to express
our appreciation for what you do” (Annie)

25 February 2008

To Whom It May Concern,
As a teacher and advisor to Lexington High School’s Model UN organization I have led my students’ involvement in fundraising for humanitarian projects for many years. For the past three years, we have chosen to work with Pagus:Africa because they have helped raise student awareness of the importance of being involved in humanitarian efforts and have put our hard earned money to best use. Because this is often my students’ first in-depth community service experience, I believe it is important that what they do individually and collectively be acknowledged, so that they can see the impact of their efforts. Pagus demonstrates that they share this belief.
We have consistently received project updates from Pagus that have explained not only how our contributions have been used, but what impact they have had on the lives of people in Ghana. As a teacher, this personal connection that Pagus has established with my students has convinced me that this is not only an important humanitarian effort but also, in every way, represents a strong educational commitment by Pagus to inform, encourage, and acknowledge the most basic of human connections.
Last summer I traveled to Ghana with a group of teachers and had an opportunity to meet with Pagus’ Ghanaian Country Director, Joseph Avorgah, who took me to visit the Ho Airfield School project site, for which we are currently involved in fundraising efforts.  I met with the headmistress, the staff, and 40 parents who left their farms for the day to come and meet me on behalf of their children. I was able to learn first hand of their hopes for their children and their willingness to help in any way they could to make their new school a reality.

Pagus project reports have demonstrated professional integrity, consistent fiscal responsibility, effective project oversight, and delegation of responsibility despite the challenges of geographic distance. The respect that Pagus extends to both project supporters and recipients is empowering. We are proud to be part of those efforts, and will continue to maintain our relationship and support of Pagus:Africa projects.

Sincerely yours,

Annie Zeybekoglu, Advisor
Lexington High School Model UN Club
Lexington High School
251 Waltham Street
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421