Volunteer: Ghana

Work with our team to ignite imagination and creativity at our Pagus Center for Achievement and in communities and the classrooms at partner schools in Ho. We take a child-centered approach and each of our programs is a vehicle for our Path students to gain powerful experience and skills.  We offer a unique opportunity for people who are ready to commit their time and resources to volunteer. Your help can make a meaningful and lasting difference.

Teach a workshop at our Summer Day Camp

Join us in our 3-week program in August. Space is limited to 6 volunteers. Each volunteer will lead a class that they will develop with our assistance and conduct with the help of our Path students. Typical classes are arts and crafts, drama, dance, music, sports, English, critical thinking and science activities, Recycled fashions for wearable art, mask-making, kite making, or even build a geodesic dome! Bring your passion and creativity to Ghana and share it with children that will welcome you warmly.

Camp Setting:

Lokoe School is a government-run school located in Sokode Ho, the capital city of Ghana’s Volta Region. Classes are lively and days are full! 

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