Welcome to Newest Path to Success Students!

The Center for Achievement team went to Lokoe School today, December 2nd, 2019,  to officially award two students, Rebecca and Maud, Path to Success sponsorships. The girls showed great leadership qualities over the last few years while participating in their local Girls’ Club, which is how we became aware of the financial barriers they were facing. While we do not have full sponsors for either of them, we did have enough support to cover their PTA fees, buy textbooks, and cover exam fees. They also need new uniforms, so we will provide those as well.

Rebecca and Maud smiled broadly when receiving their awards from William, the Center for Achievement (CFA) Program Coordinator. After the award ceremony, the Headmistress addressed the room, “I’m happy CFA can come to the aid of these girls and I pray that CFA gets more funds to continue giving sponsorships to other students.” The headteacher also came in again to offer her congratulations to both girls and also said a word of prayer for CFA for additional sponsors to help us further assist these students and to reach others in need. 

Rebecca’s CFA Student Mentor, Francisca, reminded Rebecca that she has support and resources available, and encouraged her to proactively communicate if problems or concerns arise. Rebecca looked happy and privileged to have gotten such an opportunity, and Francisca was also feeling proud to have this responsibility. 

Madam Helen, one of the teachers, made a commitment to help the girls get any items they may need, such as additional books, tutoring, and supplies. The meeting ended with Maud’s expression of gratitude, ‘I’m happy for this opportunity and we say a very big thank you to you, God bless you’.