About Pagus:Africa

At Pagus:Africa, we believe that every person has the potential to be a change-maker in their community. That’s why we’re on a mission to empower youth in Ghana ages 10-26 with access to quality education, skills training, and practical experience that will help them navigate a complex world and break the poverty cycle.

Our innovative leadership program is locally driven. We take a holistic approach which includes consideration of the whole child, the family structure, the local culture, and the many opportunities that are available in Ghana’s booming economy.

Our rigorous programming helps youth develop the hard and soft skills they need for success—from self-confidence,  communication, and collaboration to critical thinking and problem solving. Our model focuses on empowering young people with agency over their own futures, so they can make positive changes in their communities.

Our Mission

At Pagus: Africa, our mission is to empower youth in Ghana to be change-makers in their communities.


Our Vision

We envision a nation of globally minded youth empowered with education, self-confidence, strong values, and relevant skills that allow them to reach their full potential.

Our Approach


Pagus takes a holistic approach to the academic, personal and social development of Ghanaian children into young adults – empowering them to imagine what is possible and become change-makers in their communities.

Rigorous programs

Our programs set a high bar.  They encourage critical thinking, creative expression and social awareness while addressing  gaps in academic & technical skills; personal growth & leadership experience; and community health & sustainability.

Locally driven model

Our model is locally driven, preparing our teenage and young adult scholars to teach children and lead projects in their communities. As our scholars get stronger, so do their communities.

Our students help to develop innovative, community-based projects to tackle the root causes and consequences of poverty. This grassroots approach engages youth to be leaders and thought-partners in an educational framework that is truly holistic.

Since 2005 we have been working in Ghana as Pagus:Africa. In 2014 we established the Center for Achievement (PCFA) to empower local youth to find their passion, personal voice, and self-confidence. The two entities are connected in mission and governance, with Pagus:Africa acting as the funding arm for PCFA. Each entity is a registered charitable organization and each one has their own board of directors.

Who is Pagus:Africa?

Board members & staff

We are in the USA and Ghana, working in collaboration to create meaningful impact. Meet our team


We are from Ghana. We are as young as 6 and as old as 26. We want to learn and reach our full potential.


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Together we are a continually learning, growth oriented team. 

Pagus: Africa began operating in Ghana in 2005, with co-founder Ellen Berenholz at the helm. In 2014, we established the Center for Achievement in Ghana to further our mission in the region.