Impact – A Look at Our Accomplishments

Path to Success students engage in topics of discussion during school breaks

Sample accomplishments of the past 12 years:

We built Airfield School, in Ho Municipality (before – 2006 and after – 2010)

We built five classrooms at Bishop Forson School in Kpando-Torkor

We have built and stocked two libraries and are working towards a third one in Ho

We dug and maintained boreholes to provide clean water and built two computer labs

We sponsored over 125 students – many of whom were at-risk. The Volta Lake is notorious for child slavery.

free lunch, clean hands

We established sanitation and feeding programs at Airfield School

readingn groups, tutoring, training teachers

We introduced new education programs and after-school classes at four schools.

As in the past, we continue teacher training and run an annual summer day camp

The list goes on, including the provision of school buses, health care, and farming projects 



Accomplishments -Quick List
  • Opened Pagus Center for Achievement in Ho offering a lending library, computer resources to aid in online learning, and tutoring services
  • Conducted Literacy Programs in rural basic schools 
  • Conducted Day Camps to further the education of youth serving 100 students 
  • Implemented a sponsorship program that has sent over 120 students to school
  • Implemented a work/study scholarship program for those moving on to secondary and tertiary education
  • Created safe housing and care for vulnerable children while attending school
  • Built and opened the Pagus Learning Center in Kpando 
  • Conducted classes to assist students to pass critical examinations
  • Awarded scholarships to innovative summer programs and teacher training
  • Built an eight-classroom school with offices, library, and bathrooms
  • Provided a clean and sustainable water source for the Bishop Forson School
  • Created and implemented volunteer programs for cultural exchanges
  • Sent containers and other shipments of school and medical supplies and equipment
  • Sent a school van and a second vehicle for farm and other essential work
  • Undertaken various farming projects and introduced drip irrigation
  • Built and distributed first-aid boxes to twenty-two schools in Ho Municipality, VR
  • Consulted and built websites, for Non-governmental Organizations in Ghana, that are closely aligned with ours
  • Helped get an ambulance on the road to bring help to rural villages

Ongoing Educational Programs

  • Path to Success work/study learning
  • Student Internship Program 
  • Computer Classes 
  • Read for Success (English literacy)
  • Summer Camp
  • Tutoring in Math, English and other subjects
  • Teacher Training
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Workshops
  • Youth Clubs
  • Tippy Taps for Clean Hands and Good Health
  • Clean Water Solutions for neighboring villages