Student Portal to the Path to Success

Path to Success

At Center for Achievement youth are equipped with the training and skills to become change-makers in their communities. 


Through our programs in the Volta Region, youth assist directly in community development projects.


What you will learn

Work place and Life Skills

Learn how to  get what you want from life: goal setting, communications, assertiveness training

Icons made by

Development and Leadership

Gender equity, environmental issues, community engagment, program design and budgeting

Computer And Technical Skills

Keyboard skills, Microsoft Office and More

Stages of the Path to Success

Path Students: the ones officially taken into our organization. Each one will have a signed agreement and understanding of how we work together. On the Path program, there are places that all students may be part of at different times of their journey:

Scholars: These are students that go to school full-time and come to our Center or take part in our activities during their school breaks. Most are getting some scholarship amount to either assist them to pay fees and other expenses associated with their school and/or, to help pay for their food, transport and inclusion in Center activities.

Interns: These students take a minimum of 6 months and sometimes up to two years at a time to be with CFA on a full-time basis. Interns set objectives for the year and for their future in academics and/or career. They are mentored to achieve these goals. they are given responsibilities to help them achieve their objectives. They all gain essential skills in computer, project planning, communications, and other areas. Leadership is  the inevitable outcome. Interns gain skills and confidence and the ability to make a positive change in the world.

Easy User: Center for Achievement is an inclusive and holistic model. Bright young people who are curious to learn and work to improve themselves and their communities are invited to join us as ‘easy users’, who come in to see what we have, and make an agreement about how they might benefit from our resources on a casual or short-term basis. Easy users may have dues or other fees attached. This would be determined by our Path Board or CFA board of directors.

Alumni: a Path Student will graduate and become an alumni once they have completed their formal education and completed two community development projects in their entirety. Such projects may be undertaken anywhere in the world, so long as the proposal is submitted and approved by the Path Board and successfully completed. CFA may or may not assist in the execution and financing of any project. It will strengthen each individual and the organization when we have a strong and growing Alumni team.

Path Board: This is a governing body consisting of a senior staff member, one to two each of Scholar, Intern and Alumni. The board shall strive to have an odd number of members, so votes will not be split.

Years Established

Student Testimonials

“CFA is not only interested in providing financial assistance and infrastructure for people but also molding, we the young ones, in leadership goals and character so that we can also give back to our society.

CFA believes that training individuals to solve their own problems is more beneficial than CFA solving their problems for them.”


“I want CFA to continue to inspire, motivate, and impact youth. This is because CFA has inspired and motivated me which has made me grow in my thinking abilities.”




This one year of my internship would help me than my one year in school because I will never learn the things that I learned if I were in school. I thank Center for Achievement for helping me through my one year of internship and I know that for the next years am going to learn more and more things to guide my life as individual. I really thank Center for Achievement for making this great investment into my education and my life as a whole.”